DIY Powdered Coffee Creamer

Do you use Coffee Mate or some similar powdered creamer for your coffee? Most likely the answer is yes.

Just like the rest of the world we are coffee lovers at my house! And because we love coffee we go through quite a bit of powdered creamer.  I typically have 3-4 cups of coffee each morning and I transform every cup into coffee/hot chocolate! So I use alot of regular creamer and chocolate creamer, and, if its the holidays I go crazy with pumpkin and peppermint creamers! The hubbster, Mr. Plain Jane, uses regular creamer. Every now and then he will take a walk on the wild side and use a miniscule amount of vanilla or hazelnut, which means I need to keep those on hand for him.

Needless to say we spend quite a bit of money on plain and flavored creamers, so I started making my own!

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Sour Cream & Green Chile Rice

Of course you know by now that I am a Mexican food freak! I try to “Mexican up” most of our meals from breakfast to dinner. I definitely have a one track mind when it comes to Mexican food, and while this Sour Cream & Green Chile Rice is not technically Mexican food it is at least in the family since it is loaded with green chiles and monterey jack cheese! I’m thinking maybe half brother or cousin for sure!

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