hot and cold soups

Chuckwagon Soup

It’s the end of January and our weather has been wacky! The last few weeks have run the gammet from snowy, rainy, windy and 17° to sunny and 70°! But it’s Oklahoma so you roll with it! What it really means is that you have to be prepared for anything and everything, which means keeping your pantry stocked to make cold weather food like soups, stews, chili’s and casseroles at a moments notice!

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Mexican Potato Soup

This potato soup is wowzers!  I’m pretty sure that’s not a word but once you try it you will agree!

Most potato soups are cream based, which is what makes them so yummy and comforting, right?!? But cream based soups are also full of fat and calories! Which is what makes them so yummy and comforting!

My Mexican Potato Soup is broth based, making it lower in fat and calories but no less yummy and comforting. Sautéed onion, garlic and green chiles combine with rotel, diced tomatoes and chicken broth to transform ho hum diced potatoes into this awesome bowl of soup that is bursting with flavor. Then when you top it off with fresh cilantro, monterrey jack cheese and a squeeze of fresh lime you get Wowzers!!!

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