Lemon Broccoli Quiche

Lemon Broccoli Quiche aka “Broccoli & Swiss Quiche”

“Broccoli & Swiss Quiche” was a very popular quiche from the LD’s Specialties & Gormet Cafe menu, and, it is another one that I had to change the name of. When I originally opened the cafe I called this quiche Lemon Broccoli Quiche, that is the name of the recipe after all, but no one wanted to try it. Even after highlighting the ingredients, probably especially after highlighting the ingredients of tender sautéed broccoli, swiss cheese, water chestnuts, lemon juice, and soy sauce, they thought it sounded weird. What can I say, I do live in Mustang America after all! So, feeling completely defeated, I changed the name to “Broccoli & Swiss Quiche”, and never looked back.

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