Chocolate Sheet Cake

Well it’s OU/Texas weekend and, no matter the outcome, there are some things you just don’t do if you are a born and bread Okie. You don’t root for Texas College football teams and you don’t eat Texas Sheet cake, you eat Chocolate Sheet cake!
The origins of the Chocolate Sheet Cake or “Texas Sheet Cake” recipe and name are a little unclear. The recipe, although the ingredients can vary from recipe to recipe, has been claimed by many over the years and the name Texas Sheet Cake could have come from the fact that it is big and serves a crowd, or because of the addition of pecans to the chocolate frosting. But it really doesn’t matter so we won’t give it another thought! 😉

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Banana Split Cake

Spring is just around the corner, and Easter will soon follow. Which means you will need to begin thinking about the food for your Easter Sunday meal. Whether you are hosting the meal or taking a dish to family or friends you must always think of dessert first! I know that sounds crazy but everyone knows that dessert is the most important part of the meal so we should give it the most thought, right!?!

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