Holiday Tips, Tricks & Recipes To Save Your Sanity

Well it’s that time of year again! The Holidays!

You can cringe and moan about it or you can embrace it and kick it’s butt!

Here are a few tips, tricks and recipes to help you make it to December 26th with your sanity in tact, or at least some if it 😉

Stop The Madness!

Prevent Holiday Chaos!

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes! Why Not!

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes

The Best Sweet Potato Casserole You Will Ever Make!

Crunchy Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole

Sneak In An Awesome Veggie Casserole! They Won’ Know What Hit Them!!!

Vegetable Medley Casserole

I have been a caterer, restaurant owner and cake decorator. My precious Grandmother taught me how to cook and bake.

Let me know what you think! I would Love to hear from you!

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