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3 Guys in the kitchen


LaDonna M. Andeel

I am “LD” to my hubby, “Mom” to 2 grown sons and “Grammie” to my 3 precious grandsons. You should know two very important things about me I love to cook, of course or I wouldn’t be here, and I hate winter! I tell you this because I complain A LOT when it is winter so I am apologizing in advance.  I have been a cake decorator since I was in 7th grade, and I’m almost 56 so you do the math on that one. I am a trained Lab-xray Technician and was a stay at home mom for almost 20 years. I have been a home day care provider, caterer,  and restaurant owner. Now I am a recipe blogger! Life is good! Many people have asked me to share the recipes from my restaurant LD’s Specialties & Gourmet Cafe. After 8 years of serving the community of Mustang, Oklahoma we closed. Now is my opportunity to share those recipes with my awesome friends and customers and some new friends as well. Throughout this journey I will be sharing not only the recipes from the restaurant, but some old family favorites and some new ones for you to try. I miss interacting and conversing with my friends and customers every day so this is a way to communicate with everyone! I hope you will follow my blog!

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