LD’s Specialties & Gourmet Cafe

We offer an extensive collection of gourmet teas for you to enjoy when you visit us for lunch

Black Teas

French Vanilla Bean~ A Wonderful smooth blend of black tea and hand-cut vanilla bean to create a creamy tea

Morning Blend ~ strong caffeine - A rich, full-bodied breakfast tea that is blended for milk. Combining select black teas to produce an energizing cup with characteristic chocolate notes enhanced by roasted cocoa beans

Earl Grey Cream ~ An unexpected twist on a traditional favorite, this is a thoroughly modern tea. Here, fragrant oil of bergamot is paired with a hint of vanilla for a flavor that is delicately enhanced, and a finish that is smooth.

Cafe Latte ~ strong caffeine - The combination of dark roasted, organic coffee beans, and select black teas produces a strong and energizing cup that is best with milk. A blend that offers enough caffeine to please coffee drinkers, and smooth enough for tea lovers - Allergin notice: contains barley.

Vanilla Chai Spice ~ strong caffeine - A full bodied chai blended for milk with freshly ground cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and ginger to give it plenty of kick with just a hint of sweetness from crystallized ginger. At its best with plenty of milk for a deliciously warming cup.

Passionate Peach ~ A sweet blend of dried peaches, organic darjeeling and brisk black tea complimented by the spiciness of ginger and the sweetness of cinnamon

Ceylon Select OP -orange pekoe ~ High grade Ceylon consisting of long leaves. Extremely aromatic with honey-chocolate notes making it a wonderful afternoon tea. Perfect for those who enjoy a robust, flavorful cup and want to experience tea at its best!


 Green Teas

Wild Blueberry ~ Who can resist the sweet smell and taste of fresh Maine blueberries? Enjoy them as you sip this healthful blend of organic green and white tea with wild blueberries complemented with toasted rice.

Mango Rose ~ An exquisite blend of green tea, colorful blossoms and exotic berries. This healthful and beautiful bouquet makes the perfect cup of tea. Naturally low in caffeine.

Tropical Green ~ Lush and fresh organic green tea is combined with dried pineapple, papaya and honey to create a transcendent experience. One that evokes images of tropical landscapes and warm, humid temperatures.


Dragons Well ~Also known as Lung Ching, one of the most famous China green teas. Hand processing and pan-frying creates the signature flat shape. Its exquisite mild flavor and delicate aroma are perfect any time of the day as a picker-upper and makes a great iced tea. Can infuse multiple times. Low in caffeine.


Fruit & Herbal Teas

Strawberry Kiwi ~ Sweet strawberries are blended with kiwi to create a fruit tisane that is full bodied and refreshing. Naturally caffeine free.

Citrus Burst ~ A rooibos based tea with a burst of citrus zest and fortified with natural Vitamin C and orange pieces. Creating a great tasting orange tea to boost your health and brighten your day. Naturally caffeine free.

Very Berry ~ A fruit-lover's infusion. This fruity mé lange of hibiscus, elderberries, blueberries, grapes, and black currants offers an aromatic and vibrant cup, with a lovely, deep ruby glow. Naturally caffeine free.

Ruby Tang ~ Tart hints of blood oranges softened by the suggestive sweetness of pears and mandarins, creating a fruit tisane that is full bodied and refreshing. Naturally caffeine free.

Cranberry Harvest ~ Native New England cranberries are the base for this herbal tea of festive ruby color and sweet fruity flavor. Naturally caffeine free.

Rooibos Chai - organic ingredients Rooibos blend of luxurious spices (cardomon, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, fennel) to create an invigorating cup that is full-flavored and compliments milk.
Chocolate Chai - organic ingredients.Based in healthful rooibos, this blend of smooth chocolate, spices, and barley produce a full-flavored cup that is best with milk.

Chocolate Mint Rooibos~ This infusion is blend of vanilla, rich chocolate, and invigorating mint. Naturally caffeine free.

Calming Chamomile ~ The finest organic chamomile with just the right amount of citrus and honey for sweetness to create a deep yellow infusion that is calming and balanced. Naturally caffeine free.


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